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Official party site
Dates: June 28-30, 2024.
Location: Kvidinge Folkets Hus (Sweden).
Adress: Linnégatan 21, 265 72 Kvidinge
Prepay: 150 SEK.
Foreigners: €13
At the party: 200 SEK/€17.
Visitor capacity: 150 (of which 80 with computer).
Toilets: 12
Showers: No!
Pay by sending a SEK150 as Swish to +46733124427 with the message "Reunion24 [handle]"
or send €15 to PayPal with the message "Reunion24 [handle]"

General information

The party focus on retro platforms and creativity. So bring your C64, Amiga or Atari and enjoy the creative atmosphere. You can be even more retro and bring your ABC80, Speccy or Dragon32.

No beer will be sold at the party, but you are free to park your own beer and beverage in our beer garage free of charge. Non alcoholic beverages, snacks and food will be sold at the party. See the food section of this site for more info.

The venue have a large parking area so bring you camper of you like.

We will have a closed off area where you can inflate your madress and get some rest.

If you rather stay at a hotel or similar we recommend the following:
Villa Signedal


If you have any question please mail us at: reunion @ xbrix . se